On The Bricks

February 21, 2020

Here’s something to think about that I read on facebook. I admit I changed a few items.

Characteristics of people that you want to be around include a positive attitude, they embrace change, forgive others, talk about ideas, love to learn, accept responsibility for their failures, and have a sense of gratitude. Characteristics of people that you probably don’t want to be around, include a negative attitude, they fear change, hold grudges, talk about people, think they know it all, blame others for their failures, and have a sense of entitlement.

Some good points made there. We can all improve to be the first person.

Famous Okie information: The shopping cart was invented in Ardmore, Okla. in 1936.

Keep Going on Your New Years Resolutions: This year recognize your uniqueness; offer your support to someone who needs it; keep going, focus on love and forgiveness and peace; steer clear of people and things that wound you; see the love around you; strive to be happy, speak and be heard; support what is right in the face of what is wrong; look forward and live today.

Restaurant Team notes: The Main Street Guymon Restaurant Team has a goal to eat at every restaurant in Guymon and invite them to be a Main Street Guymon member. Four of us ate at Dona Carmen’s and it was delicious. The best menu item, bar none, is the green chili chicken fried steak. So good. Good prices.

Sage advice: Memories remind us that nothing last forever. Time is precious and should not be wasted. Enjoy life and remember, don’t count the days, make the days count.

Things you might want to so in town: Feb. 29th is the Leap of Kindness day. You are encouraged to do something kind for someone that day. You can do something for a group, as a group; or do something kind for a friend or neighbor as an individual. Every day holds opportunities to be kind, but make a supreme effort on Feb. 29 to do so! Some groups are encouraging donations to Loaves and Fishes, to Panhandle Services for Children and other entities. We have an extra day … let’s all fill it with extra kindness!

See you on the bricks.