On The Bricks

January 26, 2021 – Community Clean Up

          It is never too early to think about getting ready for company. It’s good to get things cleaned up, working as we have time and not being is a tizzy right before they come.

          In April and May we have a lot of company coming into town. The college rodeo happens in April and we have pickups and trailers pulling into the Hitch Pioneer Arena with license plates from Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, and downstate Okies. They are always impressed by the rodeo stock that OPSU brings and by the talent and skill of the OPSU cowboys.

          It is good for us to have the town spiffed up a bit so their impression of the town matches that of the arena. Lots of the college teams and university groups like HALO help during this, cleaning up and picking up trash.

          A few weekends after the college rodeo is the Pioneer Day festivities, where more family and class reunions are held every year. It is a time to come home for a visit. It is our time to shine. The Chamber of Commerce volunteers are working hard to bring sponsors together and make all happen without a hitch, bringing in lots of groups to make it go well.

          We can at least make sure we’ve clean up our street, our alley, and the highways coming in to town. We means each and every one of us, if we all gave 30 minutes and got the whole family or the whole crew at work out, it would make an amazing difference. You know, there are Sunday School groups and church women’s groups that put the gloves on and come into the Main Street office to get trash bags to fill.

          The week after Pioneer Day shuts down, the OPSU graduation occurs and we have many people coming into town from all across the nation, sometimes from overseas. We need to try to put our best foot forward.

          Civic groups and scout troops and classrooms each year help to clean. And we all know how our Spring winds can toss trash about (please close your dumpster lids so the wind doesn’t take the trash out and blow it around … and if you would put your trash in a bag and tie it before going in the dumpster it really helps too) and it is there to pick up just days after a crew has cleaned a place.

          And then the second weekend of May is the Five State Motorcycle Run. Whether you are one of the 1,000 people riding in this event, you should be a part of it! The motels are full again, the Iron Thunder Motorcycle Club makes several thousand dollars with this event (they work hard for it, too) and every cent is given back into the local communities to help those that are in need.

          It is another reason to do our part to show a little pride and help roll out the red carpet for those coming to the Oklahoma Panhandle, staying in our motels, eating in our restaurants, and having a good time. We love having them. We should get ready and do a little Spring cleaning before they get here.

          The City of Guymon cleans the streets and repaints them … let’s match that and do our part, too!

          Main Street Guymon and the City of Guymon encourage you to be a part of this Spring’s Community Clean – Up. Officially we’re going to be asking folks to help pick up trash and do a little painting from mid-March to mid-April. Then we’ll have time to party, going to the rodeos, graduations, Outback, and motorcycle run.

          If you would like to hear more about it, contact Melyn at 580-338-6246 and we can visit where you would like to clean, how to get your trash bags, and we can get down to business! It’s fun when we all work together.