On The Bricks

July 23, 2021

          There are times when you can’t seem to get anything right. Those are harsh days.

          A few weeks ago, I answered an email from NewsChannel 10 giving reasons that Guymon would be a good choice to feature on their “On the Road” segment. I gave all sorts of ideas, and the news reporter chose three she would like to interview. That was on a Thursday late and she was going to be in on Tuesday morning for the interviews.

          One of the topics was the Guymon Farmers Market, which is a Main Street Guymon event every Saturday morning from 8 – noon in front of the courthouse. Knowing the segment would be better, I quickly called Maribel Esquivel at TCEC, and she said she would get up early Saturday morning and take photos and video the market.

          The young lady did a fabulous job and Penny from Channel 10 had some great shots to use. Thank you, Maribel.

          The second was to interview the person putting together the Christmas in July. I didn’t know who it was, but it was perfect because I got to meet the wonderful artist who was putting the show together. Yes, for sure, she would love to do the interview.

          Then third was the Mommy and Me gymnastic classes through Like Eagles Gym. Mommy and Me teacher Jessie Truelove were in California but Kim Like stepped right up and did a fabulous job. With the video supplied by Jessie, it was excellent.

          And the segment they ran on the television and that you see on the computer does not tell the whole story.

          By Monday I had gotten in contact with the three who were going to interview: Jen Hamilton, Charles White, and Kim Like. And I had video clips coming from Jessie Truelove and Maribel Esquivel. We had everything under control. Those being interviewed moved classes and meetings around and juggled time at work, whatever needed to be done.

          On Tuesday morning I stepped into the office early because I wanted to have it looking nice and getting the morning chores needed to be done so I wouldn’t fret about them. I got them all done and looked at the clock. It was about 9:30. Time enough to run through my email.


          There was an email from Penny, with “emergency!!!” in the subject line. Penny had gone to a wedding over the weekend and her flight home was cancelled (after several delays), so she would not be able to make it to Guymon that morning. Well, heavens, in 15 minutes! So, I hurried to get those interviewing contacted. One down. Two down. Then the third one walked in the door. Crud.

          Penny’s email had asked if we could schedule it for “4:30 tomorrow.” So, I did. I asked all three to come in on Wednesday at 4:30. They had more rearranging to do but agreed to be here at the office at 4:30 tomorrow.

          I emailed Penny that it was all set up and we would see her on Wednesday later afternoon. I called my papa and rescheduled our weekly supper in Gruver together from Wednesday to Thursday. He was good with the change.

          Penny still hadn’t answered my email … probably busy filming or stuck at the airport, who knows?

          Just as I was shutting down the computer on Tuesday afternoon, getting ready to go home. And an email came across from Penny … saying she would see me tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10:00 am.

          Oh my.

          God was good and I was able to get ahold of all three. It took a while but got done. And those three were troopers.

          Wednesday morning at 9:45 Penny came in the door. She was sweet and nice, and you would have never guessed she had had one of those airport experiences. Soon after, Charles, Jen, and Kim were here … and being their kind selves with a smile. Doing whatever they could to get this segment encouraging people to come to Guymon this weekend.

          The segment ran on Wednesday, and it was fabulous. It made me proud to be from Guymon and it made me proud to work with people who know how to make things happen with no drama and with a heart to help everyone we could.

          Some days aren’t easy. But look around you and there are people around us in this community that help you out on bad days, that are positive and made the sun shine on cloudy days. Lots of those very folks are part of Main Street Guymon, as members and as volunteers. All working together for the betterment of Guymon.

          I thank the Lord every day that I have these people around me, and I can work with them. Blessings abound.

          Don’t miss the Farmers Market. We have many vendors and they all want to see you there!

          See you on the bricks.