On The Bricks

March 23, 2022

          After a hiatus, the “On the Bricks” column is back. You might be glad, or you might be thinking it’s like one of those pesky nightmares that just keeps coming back to haunt you.

          Recently the Panhandle Counseling and Health Center welcomed three new members to their board of directors. JuliAnn Graham with TCEC, Deb Twyman with Anchor D Bank, and Dixie Purdy with Guymon School. I get to assist CEO Sarah Wagner with the New Member Training. It’s great because you meet people who are willing to give their time to make something happen that is needed in our community. They are volunteers and they take their job seriously.

          At one point I asked Deb Twyman for her email address. Remember, she works for the bank. Her email is her first name with the first letter of her last name … DEBT@whateverwhatever.  I thought it was a hoot. Perfect for a banker.

Speaking of PCHC, they are opening a dental clinic in Hooker manned by Dr. David Jones. He and his wife, Debra, moved her from Muskogee and have jumped right in, making themselves a part of our Guymon culture. They’re awesome. And when the clinic starts taking patients, they will be taking Medicare and Medicaid folks. This is in addition to regular insurance. What it means is people won’t have to drive two hours for appointments and those who have a hard time getting their budget to meet the added expenses of dental care, there is a sliding fee scale that they might be eligible to get in addition to payments being an option. I don’t know all the facts, just enough to be scary, so what you need to do is call them up and visit with them. The PCHC dental office phone number is 580-652-3601.

          Evan Humphreys has hung his law practice shingle next door to the Main Street Guymon office. Their facebook page says, “We provide intelligent and affordable representation in appellate proceedings, family law, and impact litigation. We are a modern law firm that empowers clients in Guymon and across Oklahoma.” The office address is 114 NE 5th Street and their phone number is 580-219-5700.

          It’s been nice talking to you again.

          See you on the bricks!