On The Bricks

June 3, 2014

John Board is not retired. But I wrote such a thing in a press release that the newspaper was kind enough to run on the front page. And the press release was about John Board being kind enough to be the first speaker in our Wit and Wisdom Evening Series, a Main Street fund raiser. So, if all these people hadn’t been so nice, there wouldn’t be a problem. Or if I had been smarter there wouldn’t be a problem.

It is not a good thing to have on the front page of the paper that you’ve retired when you’re still working and enjoy having clients walk in your door. Shees. Sometimes I think I just need to smack myself right over the head. Often times I do.

Thank goodness John Board is nice and not hateful and thank goodness the newspaper is so willing to be helpful for my error.

Now, would you be nice enough to spread the word … John Board is not retired. In fact, you should come to the Wit and Wisdom Evening Series and just hear him! That is happening on June 30th starting at 5:30 pm and the evening meal is catered by Virgil Gibson.

Thank goodness I hadn’t said in the press release that Virgil had gone off and was now in a soap opera.

He really did that, you know? He played a doctor on a soap opera at some point in his life. But not recently.

Anyway, there are only 36 tickets for sale for John Boards evening, so be sure and come and get yours for $20. It will be fun. If I can just quit making stupid errors. I promise I’ll work on it.

After having the morning where this mistake came to light, I took an early lunch with my book and hibernated at the restaurant Vallarta. Great food. Great book. Quiet. And as I was walking out, someone made some very nice comments to me about me. There are so many nice people around.

And it because quite apparent to me … even though we make irritating mistakes, we just have to keep doing the best we can. My host father told me one time the only people who don’t make mistakes are those who don’t do anything. I am sure of that. But I also think that there are times that I am much more prone to the idiot mode.

But life is life. And we can’t let these things tighten our colon. Some people have real problems.

Oh, and there are also some other great things. The book I was reading today at lunch (and finished) is Sweet Dreams by Carla Stewart. I loved the book. The author grew up around here. That makes the book even better. And it is a book that doesn’t even have parts in it that would embarrass you if your mother read it. Or a cover that is tacky enough it makes you not want to take it in to the doctors office while you sit for four hours.

Carla has a new book out and I believe she’s coming to Guymon soon for a book signing on that book. You can look it all up on Be sure to go. It’s just plain fun. And it is a good thing to tell someone they did a good job.

The Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team (that’s professional basketball for those who are unaware) season is over. They made it to the finals of the Western Conference, but then they lost in overtime. Their season is not one to be ashamed of or to speak badly of, if you have half a brain. Only four teams made it that far and they aren’t one of the two teams to make it to the finals. But I’m still proud of them. They’re winners in my books.

And now I shall take my Thunder Up pride and cheer on the San Antonio Spurs. We can do that, you know. We can just enjoy the whole darn season, if we want to. I want to.

The last Thunder game, I actually go to attend. Now that’s cool. Well, I was pretty hot from screaming and standing and clapping and all that … but the BEST part of the game? That’s the fact that I got to sit by a college basketball player (yes, one who actually knows and loves the game through and through) who was attending his first NBA game. It is like when you take a kid to the zoo for the first time, or when a kid rides their bike for the first time … it’s great. Wow. Life has some real gems there for us if we are brave enough to step out, share our life, and enjoy.

This is a good week to step out and share. Let’s do it.

S you on the bricks!