Keeping Clean Grant

Main Street Guymon has chosen to support their member retail businesses during the difficult time of COVID-19 with a Keeping Clean Grant.

Each business has had added costs in purchasing the disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies that they are using to keep their business safe. These costs can add up quickly, especially when traffic in the stores has decreased as much as 75% in some stores (as reported nationwide to Main Street America).

The first 20 businesses that turn in the simple application and receipts from SPC Office Products for cleaning supplies, will receive a reimbursement from Main Street Guymon for up to $100.

“This is an opportunity for the Main Street Board and Director to support those who have been supporting us and our programs,” says Main Street Business Development Committee Chairman Soila Medina. “We only wish we had more to help.”

The primary reason for the grant is to help the businesses financially, but it is also hoping some of our local businesses realize that purchasing from SPC is a good financial choice for them and supportive of our community. When we buy local, the sales tax dollars go into our local community that takes care of our streets, the ones we drive on, and the water system that sends water through our facet and flushes our toilets and takes care of our parks, city pool, and golf course. It is also part of the funding that has the fairgrounds, Girl Scout Hut, American Legion, Panhandle Services for Children office, Senior Citizen’s, and more leases of properties that they use, many of the leases being $1 a year.

“It’s just smart for us to be taking care of each other in any way we can,” adds Medina. “When our local retail businesses are healthy, it helps the entire community to be healthier.”

The grant is open to all Main Street Guymon retail business members and will stay open until the $2,000 has been expended. Each business member is limited to one grant. If you have questions about the program, email