On The Bricks

October 25, 2017

The last of the Breakfast and Business classes has happened and the whole series of eight meetings were great. I loved those who came to them because it shows people who want to get better, to do better, to learn. And the speakers were all class acts. They weren’t there to bring attention to themselves, but to bring attention to good decisions for the business owners and managers and teachers in the group.

“Visit with your local insurance agent,” said each of the four insurance speakers. Dianna Brown, Ken Lane, Warner McKinnon, and Charles White all stressed working with your insurance agent, not trying to steal clients from anyone.

“Talk to your local bank,” said Sally Hawkins. She was adamant that the local banks in town could help on the same things she was talking about.

This just goes to show one of the many reasons that I love working with Panhandle folks. They have a strong sense of honesty and work hard to live with integrity. And they know how to work. Did I mention that every single one of the speakers at the classes does so as a volunteer. They not only take away from their time in the office, but they also don’t get paid to do it.

I love them for this absence of greed and for having reasonable egos. Almost every single person I work with, this is the case. Good people.

And as I was there with the four insurance folks today, they spoke so calmly and didn’t get excited. They went with the flow. And it reminded me of the Ernest Hemingway quote, “Never mistake motion for action.” This still folks all get a lot done.

Do you know of anyone that might want to be a volunteer at Dunaway Manor nursing home helping with doing hair. They need helpers who can push wheelchairs, some who can cut and style hair, others willing to shampoo hair, and those to help clean up. This all happens on the second and fourth Monday of each month beginning at 9 am. Contact Barbara Campbell at 580-338-7781 if you can help.

Americans eat way too much salt, as a rule. And I just read in the September Rotarian magazine that nearly half the salt in the U.S. diet comes from just 10 food, all according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control. Bread, pizza, sandwiches, cold cuts / cured meats, and soup make up the top five, followed by burritos and tacos, savory snacks, chicken, cheese, and eggs / omelets. The recommended intake of salt is 1,500 mg a day, and American consume 3,400. That increases the risk of hypertension.

On the others side of health, the August Rotarian, says the healthiest arteries of any population ever studied belong to the Tsimane people of the Bolivian Amazon. The Tsimane hunt, father, fish, and farm; men are physically active six to seven hours a day, and women four to six hours. Diet consists of 72% non – processed, high – fiber carbohydrates such as rice, nuts, and fruit and 14% protein (game and fish) and fats. Close to nine of 10 Tsimane aged 40 to 94 had no heart disease risk. Only 14% of American had no risk in similar studies. I bet the Tsimane don’t eat those 10 foods in the previous paragraph.

Don’t miss the OPSU Homecoming this weekend. The volleyball team plays at 1 on Friday afternoon and at noon on Saturday. The football game against Langston starts at 1 on Saturday. There are all sorts of other activities to go with the games and you can find those at
Panhandle Services for Children has their masquerade ball that same Saturday, in the evening.

Another Saturday activity is the Archaeology Talk by Dr. Leland Bement from 2 to 3 at the Guymon Public Library, a Main Street Guymon event.

So much to do on October 28! Hope you have fun this weekend.

See you on the bricks!