On The Bricks

October 31, 2018

Went to the last home volleyball game at Panhandle State and it was exciting. The team played excellent and they had great enthusiasm, but it was only intensified by the spectators (mostly OPSU baseball and football players). So much energy, so much fun. The team won. It was fabulous to be there. That means recently the football team, basketball team, rodeo team, and volleyball team won. I suspect if the computer information team, the business team, and cross – country had competed, they would have won, too. There is just a feeling of belief going on there that I certainly have bought in to. Oh, yes, and the OPSU World Series baseball game (aka scrimmage) happened and it’s no surprise that they won, too. And lost. But that was going to happen, wasn’t it? There were more people in the stands that day then I have ever seen. All is good. Consider being a part of some of these events. They certainly can put a smile on your face and bring out the positive thoughts. Unless you are a critical mass of negativity. Then sit on the other side from me, please.

“Incontinence hotline. Please hold.”

That is a good enough reason for some negativity. But just because you’re a grouch isn’t. Which is it?

Could be you have been wronged and have trust issues.

“Never trust an atom. They make up everything!”

Could be you don’t think you get enough attention.

“I was raised as an only child, which really annoyed my sister.”

Could be you miss your family pet.

“I named my two dogs Rolex and Timex. They’re watch dogs.” Or “I named my dog Five Miles so I can tell people ‘I walk Five Miles everyday.’”

Could be that you’re just wanting to isolate yourself and hold your very own little pity party. Might be time to try to get out of that habit.

“Last year I joined a support group for anti – social people. We haven’t met yet.”

Could be you also have a bad habit of blaming other people for lots of things and fostering anger in your world.

“I’d like to join the anger management therapy group, but those jerks piss me off.”

Could be you are selfish and too focused on yourself.

“I find attending my altruism (definition: the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others) club unrewarding.”

Could be you aren’t a very agreeable person.

“My Anarchist Club could never agree on a time or place to meet or elect officers.”

Could be that you just fail to see the good all around you.

“If you’re looking for a group of people that have completely despaired of everything, there’s hope for you. Join the Depressive Collective today. We want to help you fail to help yourself. Together, we can create a pointless tomorrow.”

Could be you have been putting things off that you need to get done.

“The November Procrastinators Club meeting has been postponed.”

Time to take stock of ourselves and get our lives in a better balance and make sure are attitude isn’t the bad apple in the bushel.

Things you might want to attend:

  • Nov. 3 OPSU Chili Cookoff and Football Game, Goodwell.
  • Nov. 3 Texhoma Elementary Fall Festival, 5 to 8:30 pm.
  • Nov. 3 Arts and Craft Bazaar, 9 am to 6 pm, Guymon High School.
  • Nov. 3-4 Pumpkin Patch Craft Show, Sat. 9 to 6, Sun 11-4 at Activity Center.
  • Nov. 5 Guymon Chamber of Commerce General Membership lunch at the Ambassador, noon.
  • Nov. 6 Main Street Guymon’s Pangaea International Evening, $30 for a ticket, 6:30 pm at Pickle Creek. Call for tickets at 338-6246 because there are no tickets sold at the door!

It’s a delightful day, part of a wonderful week, in a beautiful month. Don’t forget to notice the good people around you, the gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, and all the opportunities that we have to make this a better world and a better community.

See you on the bricks!