On The Bricks

September 20, 2022

          OPSU Men’s Soccer players came out and worked two hours during the Community Clean-Up on Sept. 17. Those young men can get a lot of work done in two hours. They were picking up litter around town, along the highway, at Thompson Park, and helping the Guymon Lions and Guymon Rotary Club members paint the train shed, ticket booth, and fix some of the benches. It was a great morning for Guymon.

          The athletes were interesting to visit with because they have so many from other countries. Hearing their accents and having a moment to learn a little bit about them was fun. I need to find reasons to meet with them again. Probably ought to go to some of their games! Helping with the clean-up, we had players from Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Zimbabwe. That means there were team members from Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, North America, and South America. They will have a great lesson on geography just by conversations with their teammates.

          We are thankful to their coaches and to the players for helping us keep our town clean.

          The next day we had OPSU Baseball players that helped with the Guymon Fiesta from set up to tear down. These men were also kind and generous, helpful and fun. They, too, had great attitudes and were willing to help in whatever way we needed.

          Seems that I’ll be going to some baseball games, too. More coaches and players to be beholding to.

          Life just gets better when you’re volunteering and help people out. You get to meet people like these young athletes. More fun. More interesting. And you sleep better because you’re so darn tired!!!!

          Thank you to all who helped with the Guymon Community Clean-Up. If you want to help, we have another crew working on Sat., Sept. 24 from 10 to noon and you can certainly come and join us! Or do some on your own, cleaning up where you choose. Maybe your own alley. Or that spot that you always notice needs a little help … be that help!

          And thank you to all the sponsors, donors, vendors, and volunteers that made Guymon Fiesta a success. Soila Medina and her family are superheroes. Soila has been the Fiesta chairman since she was 18 years old. Amazing woman. Graceful woman. Wonderful lady.

          Thank you to all who came out and enjoyed the Fiesta. Whether you came to see the Alma Folklorica perform, ride the mechanical bull, or get some of that delicious food … we love you all!

          We appreciate everyone that made this weekend awesome.

          Glad we saw you on the bricks.