On The Bricks

July 11, 2019

Lately the definition of success has been a topic of several conversations for me. It’s interesting. And then I read this, written by Coach Keith, an assistant coach in the OPSU baseball program who recently resigned. Coach Keith is the one that made Main Street Guymon’s Special Game Day happen.

What Coach Keith wrote says what I believe so well. I think he wrote it to other OPSU staff.

“I’ve worked here for 6 years. And seeing this university grow has been exciting. But seeing young boys turn into men by making mature decisions, on and off the baseball field, has been the most rewarding goal in my young life. Having a young man from half a world away, tell me ‘thank you for everything’ and having his family embrace me as one of their own trumps any amount of money an individual could get paid.

“We often think of happiness and wealth as money or success. But to be a positive influence in a human being life is worth more than its weight in gold.

“Helping a young man pass a test when 5 months ago he could barely speak English, is a reward.

“Allowing a young man, the opportunity to play college baseball at a competitive level, is a reward.

“Having a young man be the first to graduate college in his entire family, is a reward.

“Coaches, parents and mentors: do not take for granted the impact you make on a young person’s life, and do not overlook the impact they make in yours.

Players: play for a coach who you make you a better person, father, brother, sister, mother, aunt or uncle. Because you are as rewarding in a coach’s life as he/she is to your own.”

There are many teachers, youth leaders, coaches, and others who have figured this out. I know many of them, I’m related to several of them, and I have Main Street Aggie Families who live by this. Those kids that enrich our lives aren’t related to us by blood, they’re probably not known to us until we start to work with them. But they give us the true richness our souls are made to crave.

Thank you to every Coach Keith in this world. You make this world a better place.

Good luck to Coach Keith in his future endeavors.

See you on the bricks.

On The Bricks

October 16, 2017

The article “Teaching Generosity” that ran in the October 2017 Living Lutheran magazine was worth repeating parts.

Scott Seeke wrote, “My grandmother taught me the ’80 – 10 – 10’ method: live off 80 percent of your earnings, save 10 percent and give 10 percent to God. By following this method, I, too, have come to love being generous and giving to God. Teach your children about giving early and they’ll received the gift of giving, which will give them joy for their entire lives.

“The first step in teaching generosity to children is to give them their own money to manage – an allowance. For each paycheck I receive, each of my children gets a dollar for every birthday they’ve had. This may not work if you get paid weekly, but it works well if you get paid semimonthly or monthly. The amounts are small enough that they can’t make a big mistake, but big enough that they have decisions to make.

“Next, help your child make three piggy banks: a ‘spend bank,’ and ‘save bank,’ and a ‘God bank.’ For ours, we used glass jars wrapped in paper that my children had decorated. Then it’s time to explain to your child that every time they get an allowance, they are to put 10 percent in their God bank, 10 percent in their savings bank, and 80 percent in their spend bank.

“They can use their spend bank to buy whatever they like. Have them set a goal for a large item they want to buy with their save bank. They can take their God bank to worship whenever they like and put its contents in the offering plate.

“Through these practices my children have learned to love giving, and that’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given them.”

Seems all good to me. What do you think?

I think there are a bunch of fun things coming up around here.

Breakfast and Business is on Wednesday morning at the Bank of the Panhandle board room from 8 to 9 in the morning.

OPSU Football game at home on Saturday, starting at 2 pm. And did you hear that OPSU is ranked #20! That is great news.

There is also a dance at the No Man’s Land Sr. Center on Saturday evening the 21st from 7 to 10.

And for those who are required to have a HIPAA training, Main Street is offering one on Oct. 24. Just call 338-6246 to get your seat reserved for the 9 am – noon class.

That evening on the 24th is the Chamber of Commerce banquet, with a 70s theme this year. That starts at 7 pm and you probably ought to buy a ticket.

It’s a great month and I hope to see you on the bricks!