On The Bricks

April 1, 2020

          It’s 3:41 in the afternoon and I have just received four invitations to conference calls in the last 15 minutes. Honestly, it seems as if everyone wants to make sure I am aware that they’re aware and they’re all running around in circles so you won’t think they’re not working while they’re quarantined at home.

          The first week it was constant emails that seemed to tell the same things. I get them from the politicians offices, from the Department of Commerce, from several of the regional economic development folks, the State Chamber (that was one that was forwarded from someone that wasn’t in Guymon), the state Main Street office, and the national Main Street office. There might be good information in them, but I certainly don’t read them all. It would take four hours a day to just read them.

          One was a “great way to help your small – town businesses” and I forwarded that on to my business members and then I tried to do it … and I tried again … and I tried again. Then I wished I had deleted it before I ever read it and hoped that my business members didn’t waste their time on it as well.

          This is a difficult time for many and I do not downplay the importance of sharing good information, but I feel the need to tell some people to please hush that seem to just be making more work for me and for themselves.

          After receiving a request to be on a conference call in two days from the Oklahoma Main Street office, I emailed and asked what the call was for. And there was a good reason I asked because I had a previous request for a conference call at that time. Answer to my email, was basically so we can keep in touch and one another can answer everyone’s question. My question, “When will you please leave me alone so I can get some work done?” Pretty sure they don’t want me to be asking my question.

          Had a request from the City of Guymon’s Sheila Martin for a conference call. She gives me hope that my cynical attitude and sarcasm isn’t taking over my life … she actually has a topic that we need to make decisions on and give suggestions to one another. Yes, real things! Thank you, Sheila, for giving me hope in these days of lots of bs and in this time wasting one another’s time to justify our own existence.

          What I love hearing about is how our neighbors are helping one another … not telling us how they care, but showing how they care about this community. I love the way some of the business owners are being creative in getting business. I love having a chance to get to some work that I have wanted to explore for a long time. And I love the volunteers that are saying, when the ban is lifted, they’ll help me see these programs happen.

Okie information: In Ponca City, a tornado once picked up a house with a man and his wife still in it. Though the walls and roof were blown away, the floor remained intact and eventually glided downward, setting the couple safely back on the ground.

Working to keep those New Years resolutions going: Volunteer more. Not only is volunteering good for your own mental and physical health, but you’re doing something kind and selfless for others.

Made me laugh: Someone stole my Microsoft Office and they’re going to pay. You have my Word.

          See you on the bricks soon!