On The Bricks

March 23, 2020

          It’s been interesting, this working from home. I get a lot more done because there aren’t lots of meetings to go to … and then come back with more to do. There are no phone calls and no people dropping by. Just working. With events not happening, I have gotten caught up on some things and cleaned out one file drawer for things to work on at home.

          When going through the file drawer I found plenty to throw away, too. I love doing that cleaning stuff. Decluttering is my favorite hobby. I’m fibbing, but it is something to enjoy for me.

          Working from home isn’t completely safe, though. I did injure myself while grating a carrot for my salad. Being a full – fledged member of the technology set (another lie), I promptly took a picture of the injury and sent it to my daughters.

          “Geez, mom,” texted Lisa back, “you better stay home tomorrow.” I don’t know where she gets those wise cracks.

          It’s been interesting. Being just one person in the home and one that has a pantry and keeps enough toilet paper on hand, the whole grocery shopping and standing in line deal hasn’t been part of my world. I see it on facebook and it makes me shake my head. Those with four kids or so are probably not having a positive experience with the shopping business.

          But if I needed bread, I would call one of my friends who is a Mennonite and bakes bread. None of that going without stuff.

          For a fact, I am going through my frig and freezer, using things up and enjoying doing the “spring cleaning.” I had hot dog buns from a picnic left and they are great to open and toast for a sandwich with the left – over pork butt. They’re good with an egg in the morning too. As soon as the buns are gone, I’ll take the pork and make pasole. Just happen to have enough things on hand in the pantry for that.

          It’s like doing a puzzle. It’s all fun.

          Until I notice there’s no chocolate.

          Then it gets real.

          This working from home saves me 40 miles a day (gas savings), having to buy lunch out, and with all the schools out it saves all those kids coming by with fund raisers. I should be able to buy some stock by next week, which is a good deal right now looking at the stock market. And taking my shower during my lunch break is amazing. Not to mention not having to wear a bra.

          Yeah, that’s all better than chocolate, any day.

          I hope that you and all your family are safe and dealing well with the changes. Remember to try to keep a positive attitude because a bad attitude doesn’t make any of this go away.

          Say a prayer for our retailers and our educators that are having to make some huge adjustments. And wave to your neighbors. It’s all going to turn out ok.

          See you on the bricks, soon.