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December 30, 2014

My father has been staying with me over the holidays and it’s a little freaky. My sleep habits are a bit odd and I find that they’re exactly like his. This morning at 4 am I went in to the kitchen and was having a cup of tea while playing my computer game. My father joined me. It was nice visiting with him but how many people do you know are visiting one another at 4 am? We’re both morning people and not nearly as enjoyable to talk to late in the evening.

Who did you miss over the holidays?

What did you do to honor them?

And remember to not be so focused on those you’re missing that you fail to enjoy those who are there.

I am such a creature of habit and I really do like order, so the holidays sort of disrupt my normal and beloved routine. But it is necessary to squash those selfish thoughts and take the time to relish the people we have and the time we have with them.

Hope you’re enjoying December as much as I am. And I pray you’re looking forward to 2015. I know it’s going to be a wonderful year. Because I’ve decided already that it is.

Do something new in 2015.

TRAVEL: Ever thought you wanted to travel but then convinced yourself you didn’t have enough money or enough time? Why not take a visit to Kenton and stay in one of the bed and breakfasts there? It’s a mere 90 miles and so gorgeous. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy traveling.

JOIN: Been thinking that you need to join a civic group? They all need you! I’m a Rotarian and we meet on Friday’s at noon. Want to join us? Call me at 338-6246 if you do. And I know the Lions Clubs (there are two) would love to have you, too. Or maybe you just want to get more involved in your church. Do it! Don’t wait. You’re losing out on blessings by not jumping on it.

“Be of service,” said Gillian Anderson. “Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co – worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.”

ATTEND: There are a lot of things going on in the community that you might consider attending.

Leadership Guymon, a program through the Guymon Chamber of Commerce, is taking nominations for the 2015 program. It’s an awesome way to

learn more about your community and see ways to get involved. Need an application? Call Jada at 338-3376. If you have a business, consider sending one of your employees.

“I think leadership is service,” said Denise Morrison “and there is power in that giving: to help people, to inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.”

A few other hot dates you might ponder includes the Lunch with an Aggie on Jan. 2 at the Pub on the Bricks. Come and have lunch with the Aggie basketball kids (Dutch treat). Inspire … motivate … participate … enjoy.

The Lunch and Learn on Advocacy is Jan. 6 at noon in the Pub on the Bricks. Dutch treat and the lesson is a good one to learn especially if you are board member for an organization.

The Main Street Lunch Mob is hitting Ixtapa Restaurant on Jan. 8 at noon. That buffet is going to be mobbed. Anyone can join! All you have to do is pay for your own meal and enjoy the company.

Then on Jan. 17 the Main Street Cash Mob is going to be at Chris Urias Photography. That’s another mob you are welcome to join.

Citizenship classes start at the Guymon Public Library on Jan. 14. This includes free registration and materials in addition to free child care.

The library is also looking for volunteer English language tutors for two hours a week for one on one tutoring at the library. Call 338-7330 for both of these items.

One other thought for the new year … ever thought you needed to be an EMT? Help with the ambulance? Does your job allow you to be flexible for this? If so, consider calling the City Managers office or the Guymon Fire Department to find out more information.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy,” said Rabindranath Tagore. “I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

See you on the bricks!

On The Bricks

December 23, 2014

There is a chance that I am turning into one of those older ladies that I have made fun of for many years. I realized that for at least the past five years my gift to my mother and my gift to my father have been used audio books that I buy off ebay. And one of the gifts to my kids was a used book … oh, wait, there were two of those. They were really NICE books, though.

So have I turned into “that lady” yet? Maybe not. I guess I’ll keep trying.

To make it worse, the other day I forgot to turn my car off, coming back in to the office and working until someone told me my lights were still on. So was the engine. That’s odd.

Sometimes we really need to take a look at ourselves and reflect on what is really coming out of our mouths. We need to be honest about how we are acting, talking, being. This can go many ways.

Just because you didn’t get enough sleep last night doesn’t give you license to be rude to someone. My father drove all the way down from Denver and is visiting. He even fixed my patio light. And because I didn’t sleep well, I was short and rude when I got off work. I needed to be smacked and woke up.

There was a certain someone also complaining about having to get the house ready for Christmas holidays. Really? I know people who don’t have any family to spend the holidays with. Nobody bringing turkey. There are people who have to work both Christmas Eve and Christmas. Put that down with the whiner and see if it changes your perspective.

Get right with Jesus.

Take a look at how you’re thinking and put yourself on the right track. Quit being so busy giving other people advice … take care of yourself. If we all took cares of ourselves, then it would be so much better.

It is easier for women than men, I do believe. Oliver Herford said, “A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s; she changes it more often.”

Stick up for someone. Standing by and saying nothing is ok, but sticking up for someone that is being bashed (whether correctly or not) is better. Be brave. Be strong. Be real.

“Never be bullied into silence,” said Harvey Fierstein. “Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.”

Some of the Transformers helped with the Christmas Basket project that the Methodists head up. Wow. That is one fine tuned operation. Normally I can stop and see where someone is lagging and sort of, kind of, help for a bit. They had all

their bases covered. Lots of people helping, lots of drivers … could always be more, though! I think when you have a retired UPS guy giving the directions, you have set a new standard. Connie Taylor, you and your crew do a great job.

Have you ever wanted to serve the people of Guymon as an EMT? That’s the person in the ambulance with you … maybe keeping you alive. Maybe keeping you kalm. If you have, go and talk to the Fire Chief or the City Manager. I heard they will even help those who are serious (and good investments) to pay for the schooling. Make a mark. Do good.

Remember what Jim Rohn said, “Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.”

See you on the bricks!

On The Bricks

December 15, 2014

Tony Hardman who played Kris Kringle in the Guymon Community Theatre play “Miracle on 34th Street” did a fabulous job. There were others that also did a fab job, but Tony really stood out. As did Cory Schneider as the drunken Santa. He was good enough you imagined the smell of whiskey.

The whole day of Saturday was a treat. The Shutterbugs met and then prepared for their Photography Show and Sale, the carolers began to arrive, the juggler showed up (I just love David McGaughy), the Christmas Parade happened, supper with my son’s family, attending the play with my grandchildren. What a stellar day. Man, I’m glad it’s over, too.

All those who were in the parade deserve a clap. Applause too for the Shutterbugs that put on a wonderful Photo Exhibit. And even more so because they even emptied the trash after using the office. You have no idea how much I appreciate that! And more kudos to all the people who were in the Guymon Community Theater production. Each and every one of you are awesome.

Wanted to give a shout out for those who advertised in the GCT program:

Lumber Mart, Top Dawg Grooming, Aerostitch, Wright and Dale Attorneys, City National Bank, SPC Office Products, Ken Lane State Farm, Fronk Oil, and high Plains Public Radio. Thanks for supporting our community theater. Speaking of supporting the theater, did you see the article JuliAnn Graham from Tri-County Electric wrote in the Oklahoma Living magazine. It was GREAT!

Is your colon getting all tight because you haven’t bought all your Christmas presents yet? Remember, “Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give.” Ben Carson said that and it’s true. But that doesn’t mean your grandkids appreciate it much. Get them Main Bucks and then they can go and get what they want themselves. Just a thought …

Or buy a coat for someone that needs to be warmer. Opportunities, Inc., has their Keep ‘Em Warm program going where they take gently used or new coats, hats, gloves, and blankets and give them to those who need them. Drop offs are at Brown and Associates on Main, Stage Store at Northridge, and at Opportunities office at 204 NW 6th. Call 580-338-5388 if you have questions.

Main Street Transformers meet on Dec. 20 at 8 am until noon. Then we are traveling over to see the OPSU basketball teams play. Should be another great Saturday.

Also on Saturday is the Gaggle of Geeks from 1:00 until the games end.

Last suggestion for the column. Send a Christmas card to Chris Liebman, PLLC, PO Box 2055, Guymon. You really need to get on their list somehow because his Christmas cards have a Christmas music CD. Now how cool is that?

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value,” said Charles Dudley Warner.

See you on the bricks!

On The Bricks

December 12, 2014

Tired of trying to think of new gift ideas? Shopping list weighing you down? Remember the words of Carlos Zafon, “Presents are made for the pleasure of who gives them, not the merits of who receives them.” So, if you’re not getting pleasure in your gifting, then you either need to rethink giving them or make yourself have an attitude adjustment. You can decide to be happier about it.

Be sure to remember that you can come in and buy Main Bucks in $10 and $20 increments and those are good, just like money, at 30 different Main Street stores. It’s a great way to give the monster of all gift certificates. Just come by the Main Street office to pick some up. It is also a good thing to consider for your employee bonuses to give.

Another gift I would love, is if someone took my car down to R/T Motorsports and had a wash and detail. Oh, yeah, especially before the Christmas driving. It’s a good gift to consider.

And there is nothing like a pedicure to make you feel special, or a facial, or a massage. Talk to Harana MedSpa for most of those. Great gifts.

If your mother or mother – in – law is sort of gaga about her grandkids, you can take a photo of them and go to Chris Urias Photography and have that photo made into a handbag. Some fun things like that. Don’t neglect to see what there is there. While you’re at it, you might think about a classy photo shoot and give each of your kids one. If they like you, they’ll like getting the photo.

That’s enough ideas for today on gifting. Keep up the great attitude, don’t let giving make you gripy. Cut down on that list if you need to. Keep it true with what Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

And how about helping with the Lions Club Shopping day? It is Saturday, Dec. 20. Helping with this will give you a whole new outlook on the holidays. Volunteers are needed to assist the kids with their Christmas shopping. Mature teens, older youth groups, church groups, clubs, and adults are invited to assist. Meet at the VMUMC Family Enrichment Center at 7:45 in the morning on Saturday. All should be done by 10:30 or 11. Call Bob Burger at 461-2341 with questions.

Let’s see what else is happening around town.

A Stampin’ Up (card making party) class is taught by Sharlene Wale on Dec. 12 at 7 pm at the Studio. Everyone is welcome to come.

On Saturday, Dec. 13, you can start the day by going to the Birthday Party for Sofia, a soup lunch. Call Brown and Associates for more details. Sofia is Reyna and Jaimie’s miracle baby, who is turning 1 year old.

Then go by and visit the Main Street Shutterbugs Photography Exhibit and Sale at the Main Street office, 116 NE 5th Street. You can go in and look at the beautiful work while snacking on some of their holiday goodies. They are going to be there from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

At 5:15 pm at the corner of 5th and Main is going to be a trick roper and some Christmas caroling going on for those waiting to see the Christmas Parade. Feel free to join in the caroling.

Then the Christmas Parade starts at 5:30 pm. It’s short, but it’s fun. And if you want to be in it, you sure can be! Parade starts at 11th and Main and moves north to the railroad tracks.

After the parade, Santa is going to be at 417 N Main (Legal Aid office) to visit with the kids and Chris Eggers is there to take their photos, if you want.

It’s going to be another fun weekend on the bricks!

On The Bricks

December 3, 2014

Randy Bane of Rolla, Kan., and his wife came and spoke to the Dementia Support Group one time. He is such a kind gentleman.

Today he came into the Main Street Guymon office and brought a poem he wanted to share with Dorothy Countryman. I think there are more people who should read it.

Looking each day
For the sun to shine.
But it seems that some 24 hours
Are not so fine.
At times I wear my feelings
As the old saying goes, “Right on the cuff”.
Making these days,
In plain speaking, somewhat rough.
Looking for the positives,
The many blessings that I do hold –
Would make life happier.
I should try not to fold.
But I miss those who are gone.
Some taken in an untimely way.
At times I yearn for the past so much,
It paints my world gray.
Always will miss them
With every beat of my heart.
But I must look to the future
Making each and every day a new start.
Thinking briefly about what might have been,
However, letting love show in many a situation,
Knowing that we are or were
Part of His great creation.
I will trust in God,
Having Him walk beside me as I carry my difficult load.
Knowing that He is my Savior,
Traveling with me every step of the road.
I cannot put memories behind;
Each is precious on its own.
But I will show that my love for God and others
Has continually grown.
Looking to the future –
Caring about what lies ahead,
Forever thankful that memory is such an important part of my life.
Enough has been said.
~Randy Bane, Dec. 2014

Wishing you a holiday season with good memories.

See you on the bricks!

On The Bricks

December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving is over for another year. And I’m so glad that I don’t have to see all those inane facebook posts about all the things that people are thankful for. Sometimes I think they think they’re back in school writing a paper for the teacher and trying to write what the teacher wants to hear.

First, if you are only thankful for your family once a year and only say it on facebook rather than telling them, shame on you. And do you think being thankful for your family is some sort of epiphany? I hope it isn’t.

I was thankful for my grandson Nick when he cleaned out my gutters. And thankful for my grandson Will when he lays his head on my shoulder while we are sitting in the pew at church. When my daughter acts like she enjoys taking her mother to the Thunder game, that’s when I’m thankful for Lisa. Not because it is Thanksgiving.

There are other things to be thankful for. Toilet paper comes to mind. What a great invention!

Calculators being cheap now is another thing to be thankful for. In a discussion recently, one person said he spent $78 for the first T1 calculator and the kids in school were not to be allowed to use them because “the common man will never be able to afford a calculator.” That wasn’t that long ago this was said. Wow. Now you get a simple little calculator free as a give – away.

So we should be thankful calculators are cheap. Especially people like me who are terrible at math should be happy.
I am thankful that my friend Chris Shade invited me to go to the Guymon High School play, “Hairspray.” We should be thankful that our society isn’t as prejudiced today as it was when the play took place, 1962. And I’m really thankful for how well Loyda DeLaRosa played her part. She can sing! Everyone was good, but she was awesome.

The rumor is going that there is a birthday party for baby Sofia on Dec. 13. Now there is something real to be thankful for. Baby Sofia is a bit of a miracle baby and the best part of it is how happy her family (mom Reyna, dad Jaimie, and brother Angel) are to have her. Even if tremendous medical bills came with her. It is a soup party on the 13th from noon to 3 for Baby.

Just make a fun day of it: Noon go to Baby Sofia’s birthday party, go do some relaxed Christmas shopping at our Guymon retail stores, enjoy the 5:30 Christmas Parade on Main, and then go to the Guymon Community Theater Play at 7:00. What a great day!

Mama gave me a birthday card that reads, “Dare to just do what you do, be just who you are, and dance whenever you want.” I love the sentiment. And I love that I feel like dancing more days than I don’t. That is something to be thankful for every single day.

See you on the bricks.

On The Bricks

November 11, 2014

Melyn Johnson
On the Bricks
November 22, 2014
Recently I have been thinking about ways to work to help the retailers get more people in their store. It’s not an easy thing to do. So, then I thought about making it simpler … how to just help retailers (with the big focus on those that are Main Street members). I came up with a couple of solutions.

First, get people to quit thinking that the business owners need to pay for everything their group wants to do. Rather than the XYZ club asking for donations to attend some special camp, they need to do fund raisers to gain the money. Why is it the business owner’s responsibility to send them to camp? Specifically fund raisers need to have the people needing the funds do the work, not someone else.

Honestly, during annual ad selling time, a Guymon retailer can get 10 requests in a day for money or donations. Generally these don’t help sell the retailers product, either.

Second idea is to get those who do receive support from local businesses to support them in return. If the local grocery store supports your school with annual ads, program ads, sports sponsorships, FFA purchases, or more … then the school groups should buy from that local grocery store. Is it cheaper to drive 100+ miles and save $20 but not get financial support in the future? It all needs to be considered.

If Main Street Guymon purchases their building insurance from someone other than a member, shame on them (and we don’t, I promise).

My favorite story was from Alphonso Mata who worked at a car dealership. When being asked for a donation, he asked the person requesting where they bought their car. It had been purchased out of town. Mata then told them that he would match whatever that car dealership gave. They didn’t come back.

Puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?

Be good to your neighbor. Support them in the same way that you would like to be supported. It makes for a much healthier community.

True community support makes me think about PTCI crews and Guymon Lions Club members helping city employees (parks and fire department) clean up dead trees in the parks. Who wins? We all do because our public park is better.

So if you have a chance, thank PTCI and Lions Club for helping. Thank the city folks for being good stewards of the parks. And thank the Bank of the Panhandle and PTCI for feeding the crews. They all deserve an ATTA BOY.
Charles Michael from the Guymon Community Theatre recently sent an email out to his board and volunteers. There were lots of ATTA BOYs in the email. He talked about Jerry Wadley painting and cleaning up at the theater. He commented on Josh Setzer, Lisa Schmitt, and Deirdre Harbison working on advertising. He thanked Tony Hardman for writing the Oklahoma Arts Council grant application. And the treasurer Darrell Hill was mentioned for doing such a great job. This is just one example of the wonderful community we live in … the fabulous volunteers working together to get good things done.

Thank you to all of you that unselfishly give of your time and money to the community groups, schools, and churches. Thank you to all those businesses that are kind enough to help.

You all give value to life. You are good friends. I bet you’re good friends, too.

“Friendship is unnecessary,” said C.S. Lewis, “like philosophy, like art …. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”

Make it a point to give value this week. Give thanks. Smile.

Leo Tolstoy said it so right, “Joy can only be real if people look upon their life as a service and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.”

I will joyfully see you on the bricks!

On The Bricks

October 27, 2014

The air is crisp and autumn is really here, it seems. Just in time for my skin peeling from the heat over the weekend. Love this Panhandle weather. It’s the time the heater runs in the car going to work and then the air conditioner going home. It’s the time you keep a jacket in the car because you just never know what’s going to happen. It’s interesting. Keeps us on our toes.

Speaking of toes, mine sure had bit of a sunburn from the OPSU football game last Saturday. I really ought to consider wearing real shoes. The Aggies whupped up on that other team. It was awesome. What is even more awesome is when the football players sing the fight song to the crowd after the game and then high five people. I heard the star running back, number 13, telling everyone (and there were many) “Thanks for coming,” as he walked by and high fived them. It’s no wonder I kept going to the home games.

They sort of follow the saying, “Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.” Coach Gaskamp and his assistants are doing a great job with these guys.

Had an interesting lady come by the office last week. She was here visiting a girl on the rodeo team. She came from California, I believe. We got to talking about names that were funny … and appropriate … and inappropriate. I shared with her the name of our doctor where I grew up. Dr. Clapp. And told her how I never did know, as a kid, why people laughed when they heard that. But my new friend told me about a fellow who works for the U.S. Forest Service whose name is Timber Blaze. No way. That’s too unbelievable. Never could top that one! Did you catch the play on words, “top that one?” Sometimes I just find myself to be sooo clever.

Let’s talk a little more about clever.

The Oklahoma Agriculture magazine arrived at my office. I was reading it, and enjoying some of the articles when I came upon this paragraph in an article entitled “Cowboy Up” … “Oklahoma is one of the leading collegiate and high school rodeo states. Oklahoma State University has had a rodeo team since 1946 and in 2014, the team will host its first official collegiate rodeo in its new arena at the Payne County Expo Center.”

Are you kidding me? This writer, Charlyn Fargo, is writing about college rodeo and she doesn’t mention either of the two national powerhouse rodeo schools that are located in Oklahoma? That would be Panhandle State and Northwestern. Goodwell and Alva. It didn’t take them 60 years to finally put on a rodeo, either.

At the end of reading that paragraph, I sat in my chair stunned for a moment. And then I just threw the magazine away. Straight in the trash can. Up to that point on page 43, it was fine. After that, it was only trash.

I’ve stopped listening. Why haven’t you stopped talking? It was that sort of moment. Not clever at all.

Lots of Halloween and Main Street Week activities going on this week … more about that later.

See you on the bricks!